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MS, July 2014 



"You   always   have.  You   love   cars.   Remember   that   time
  we  took  Jason’s  Maserati  when  he  wasn’t  home  because
  you  wanted  to  drive it so badly?  But  you backed  it  into  a
  pole.   I know I took the   blame and everything  but  he would
  not  look  at  me  for  a  week and  he  stayed  at  his  mother’s.
  I miss it — but I miss Oliver more.  Alone  time’s nice,  though.
  My limit? My limit is like… one Cosmo — so you can  imagine.
  Well…  you’re  still  going  to  Grandma and Grandpa’s sixtieth
  anniversary in  Plymouth next month?  We’re  definitely going
  to   drink   excessively  for  that. It’s  also  Dad’s  birthday  and 
  Grandma wants us to  bring flowers for his grave. You should
  have  seen    Ian’s     face.   Did     he       mention it     to    you?” 

    I do. I think I’m a bit obsessed. If I wasn’t a police officer
    I probably would’ve worked with cars somehow. Oh yeah, I
    remember that. I was making plans to move to Switzerland
    to keep him from killing me. Such a good sister you are for
    doing that too. I was scared for your life though. Really? He
    was that upset about it?? How much did you end up drinking
    though? ——Yeah, I’m planning to go. I don’t want to miss that
    mostly because I don’t want to hear about how I didn’t show
    up for the next year and a half. Drinking, excellent. Don’t let me
    go overboard on the drinks. I don’t want to give our grandparents
    a heart attack or have grandpa side eyeing me and looking thoroughly
    disgusted with me all night like at the last family get together. She
    wants us to what now? No — he didn’t, but I can only imagine the look
    he gave. Is this flowers deal like an optional thing? — or?



"That is actually the two most opposite ages you could possibly string together, Cass. You—Goddamn it. What? That’s my f—clue? That’s it? No, try again." 

  I will compare and string together what I want thank you very much.
  Um, yeah. That’s your clue. Try again? How about no? You asked for a clue.
  ‘A’ as in one. And you didn’t say it had to be especially helpful. Use that brain
  of yours. Start checking weird places like the cabinet or — oh I don’t know — your
  jacket perhaps…



"Sometimes  you  have  to  stay   for  the  car. I mean,  I’ve  never
  stayed  for  a  car     but      you           definitely        did.  Yeah —
  show your children that one day, I’ll show mine.  But, you know
  what Cass? I didn’t! That’s the thing.  I wasn’t actually planning
  on  drinking  much,  but  as  soon  as we  walked  up  to  the bar
  it  was  the end for me. Yeah,  I  think   you   were    working  late,
  you  mentioned,  so  I  didn’t bother  asking. We didn’t stay long.”

    The car was a beauty. You can’t blame me for being drawn
    to it. I’m not sure I actually stayed for the car, but his car is how
    I met him. Alright, I guess we could show them. Give all the kids
    a good laugh. Of course you didn’t plan it, but you probably let it
    happen because you were off mom duty. I mean, at a certain point you
    must have hit your original limit, but thought, “ah, I can have one
    more drink. It’s not like I’ve got the kid to worry about.” so you drank
    more. Damn, I hate when work makes me miss the good stuff.


                                                                          [  arm yourself ,  ]
                                                                           here will
                                                                           s a v e  you.

aspenofstark: ♀ ♂♖

Send my muse one (or more) of the following symbols for a headcanon about their relationship with that person.

♀ for a mother headcanon

There was a time when she could easily say and mean that she hated the woman. However, as much as she wants to say that she fully hates her mother for letting everything that happened in the past go on without doing anything to stop it, she can’t. There are moments now that she thinks about things from her childhood and she can recall things that she couldn’t before like a momentary pained look in her mother’s eyes, or the tiniest of steps she’d would begin to take in her husband’s direction before she’d choose to just leave the room, while he went on violent rampages that Cassie and her older siblings suffered through. Cassie chooses to believe that like some of the women she’s come across while working, her mother was as terrified as she and her siblings were and that’s why she didn’t step in. She doesn’t like her mother, but in a way she understands her a little more now than used to. 

♂ for a father headcanon

Cassie can definitively say that she hates the guy and there’s nothing anyone can say that would make her think or feel differently about him. As a child she would try to avoid him and steer clear of him. She was terrified of him and always found herself walking on eggshells around him. She tried not to set him off, but she didn’t even have to really do anything to make him upset and when he got upset that was it. There was lots of screaming and yelling between them, they fought a lot (physically). Their relationship was terrible and pretty much non-existent. 

♖ for a sister headcanon

Whether it’s obvious or not, Cassie definitely looks up to the older female. She doesn’t care at all about what most people think of her, but she cares what Aspen thinks of her. Cassie ultimately wants to make her proud, and doesn’t like to disappoint her though she knows that sometimes she does. It may seem like she never listens to a word Aspen says to her in regards to the things she does and choices she makes, but she actually does. When Aspen gives Cassie advice, even if it wasn’t requested, she takes it into consideration and usually takes the advice in some way, shape, or form. 

Relationship Headcanons


Send my muse one (or more) of the following symbols for a headcanon about their relationship with that person

♀ for a mother headcanon 

♂ for a father headcanon

♖ for a sister headcanon

ψ for a brother headcanon

↹ for a best friend headcanon

▲ for an enemy headcanon

✻ for an old best friend headcanon

✤ for a grandparents headcanon

♘ for a favorite teacher headcanon

❀ for a boy/girlfriend headcanon

☮ for a self headcanon

✆ for an ex headcanon 

Send in a character and a number and you'll get a headcanon!
  • 1: What's their favorite ice cream flavor?
  • 2: What's a horrible pop song that they hate?
  • 3: What's a horrible pop song that they love?
  • 4: What kind of position do they sleep in?
  • 5: What's their idea of an ideal date?
  • 6: What's a tumblr fandom they can't help but like?
  • 7: What's a tumblr fandom they can't help but hate?
  • 8: Do they have any pets? If they could get a pet/more pets what pets would they get?
  • 9: What was/is their favorite subject in school?
  • 10: If they weren't in their own universe what play/piece of media's universe would they be in?
  • 11: Who was their first celebrity crush?
  • 12: Do they play any instruments? Have they been in an musical groups?
  • 13: Tea or Coffee?
  • 14: Coke or Pepsi?
  • 15: Mac or PC?
  • 16: Sweet or salty snacks?
  • 17: Favorite high calorie snack?
  • 18: Favorite low calorie snack?
  • 19: What do they look for in a romantic partner?
  • 20: Shower or bath?
  • 21: What do they wear to bed?
  • 22: What do they wear at home on a lazy day?
  • 23: Favorite alcoholic beverage?
  • 24: Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
  • 25: Send us your own question.



"You’re  telling  me.  And  why?  Do  you  still  have feelings for him?
  You   do,  don’t you?  He  said  that?  It’s  all good?   He  said  that?
  Yeah —  I  would  have   done    the   same.  At  least   you  sent   an 
  anonymous letter. What? Really? That bad,   huh?   Like    husband,
  like wife, I guess. And I did! I did that. I don’t know why, you    know,
  I finally  had a night away from mum-ing and I took   advantage of it
  too much. Way too much. Too much. A lot. Much.    Too much.  You
  were     —      I      think      you      were       working       that       night.” 


    Hell no. I have more feelings for his car. I keep that photograph
    for the laughs. You saw for yourself what a calamity that picture was.
    How could I not keep it? And yes. Yes, he did say that and yes that
    bad. Yeah you do know why. You just said it. You had a baby-free
    night and so you got out of your mind drunk. It’s understandable.
    Personally, I’m proud of you for walking on the wild side for a change.
    Hm, I probably was. You know, now that I think about it, I work a lot 
    — Probably not as much as you, but a lot. 

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